Success factor of co-operation

In session 25 we learned from Veronika Utz, DED an important success factor in co-operation:  working with already committed people and already initiated value chains. Even if the value chain is weak, comittment of the people is very important. Veronika is working with a women producer group in Laos which does craftwork out of organic cotton. The women are very greatfull for the support they get. They for instance conducted a small market survey that helped very much to align their range of products to the demand of consumers. Two business women helped the women group to make their business fit for the market. Today you can already order products from them via an online shop.


One response to “Success factor of co-operation

  1. Sure, cooperation, knowledge and direct access to markets form the key factors for success. this would also ensure full control on the value chain, and full price claim by the producers.

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