Ever heard about the Marrakesh process?

If you think now of the WTO round in Marakech or an judicial proceeding, you’re wrong! The Marrakech process is a 10 years global framework for action on sustainable consumption and production. In session 35 of the WOCO09 Mrs. Eveline Venanzoni, representing the Swiss Federal office  for the Environment FOEN in the Marrakech task force for sustainable public procurement, explained the participative Marrakech process and it’s different stages starting with the conference in Rio in 2002. A famous outcome of this conference is the so called “agenda 21”.

Unfortunately not much people are familiar with the Marakech process due to laking PR. But a ten years plan to bring production and consumption in a vary of aspects towards more sustainability can be commented by all interested people. Just click on the link and find the draft paper at http://www.unep.fr/scp/Marrakech/


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