Some facts on cotton production worldwide

In 2008 44 billion US$ were spent on pesticides used in agricultural production. US$ 3 billion were spent in cotton. On less than 3% of the arable land (=cotton production area)  worldwide 6.8% of the herbicides and 16% of the insecticides used were applied in cotton only.

Production of genetically modified cotton has increased tremendously, covered in the season 2008/09 48% of all cotton production area, amounted to 54% of global cotton production and 52% of cotton trade.

Organic Exchange predicts a 21% growth (estimation) in organic cotton production in 2009.


6 responses to “Some facts on cotton production worldwide

  1. ICAC ‘s Dr Rafiq Choudary informed us that the 44 Billion USD expenditure was for total agricultural crops and not cotton alone.
    Anyone with an accurate fig for cotton, please post, thanks

  2. US$44 billion were spent on all plant protection chemicals in 2008. Only US$3 billion were spent on cotton.

  3. thanks. I just adapted the datas.

  4. WHat is the ration of conventional cotton to organic cotton production world wide?

  5. Please check your numbers. The entire value of US cotton was estimated by the USDA to be $3.02 billion (here:

    How could the pesticide expenditure alone be roughly equal in value to the worth of the entire crop? Sure there are subsidies, but they are only a modest fraction of the total value of cotton production.

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