Sustainability and Fair Trade are the Future and saving the world!

Interlaken, 22 september 2009. Marina Spadafora, Designer from Italy, presented her new collection “Banuq”, which was entirely produced in Africa. Bringing work is the best you can do to make Africa become a successful economy, she says. Pesticides are destroying land and the health of many people, we should act in a responsible way and work with organic cotton. The organic textile market is growing fast. Sustainability is the future, it will save the world!

One response to “Sustainability and Fair Trade are the Future and saving the world!

  1. Good comment, bringing work and opportunities for people to work and earn a living is the way to help Africa. We must work to make the African cotton farmers and processors an integral part of the supply chain. I would like to see brands and retailers not just looking at Africa as a source of raw material to add kudos to their product. Organic cotton grown and manufactured in Africa supports a lot more people through the supply chain than a product manufactured in the developed world from organic cotton lint exported out of Africa.
    The development of supply chains within the continent is an area worth exploring, maybe more work can be done like the sourcing directory for southern africa that OE produced to assist in the development of these supply chains. Lets make sure the majority of the value of the organic cotton and the organic cotton products stays in Africa.

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