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Ouverture et confrontation

Sans attentes particulières, Gilles Dana apprécie la confrontation avec d’autres participants de la chaîne de valeur et la possibilité de créer des contacts. Interlaken, un congrès pour s’ouvrir l’esprit

La certification bio pour débutants

Vincent Duret d’Ecocert France explique les phases de la certification biologique.

Organic Cotton Congress in Asia?

Hong Lee, a manager of Control Union Certifications says that this congress is still a niche event or there for the people already involved. He suggests to organize a similar congress in Asia to reach more and different people: the marketing responsibles. He says that the marketing responsibles, the factory workers and the farmers in Asia should get in touch with each other, because they are just told to produce organic and do that because they can earn more money, but they are not aware of all the other benefits the organic production has for the environment, for people, plants an animals. He claims that many things would improve if they knew what its all about. So good luck for a conference in Asia!

Global Organic Cotton Community met face-to-face

Logo With the aim to get to know each other (better) and to bring forward ideas for joint activities the first face-to-face meeting of the Global Organic Cotton Community took place this afternoon. Out of the 153 registered members about 50 people met and discussed in small groups on burning issues and potential joint activities as suggested by the community members themselves. Intensive discussions in at least three different languages led the participants of the session to define next steps and to reveal even new ideas.

One group for instance discussed about reduction of certification costs. Here just a few ideas that came up:

  • reduce certification costs by trained local inspectors for organic certification, as most of the certification bodies are located in Europe and therefore (travel) costs for inspection are high
  • bring together organic and fair-trade certification into one certification
  • Try to get more group certifications than individual certification.
  • Harmonize the Internal Control Systems.

It is planned to bring in the new suggestions of the discussion groups into the Global Organic Cotton Community online dialogues. If you aren’t already registered at you might catch up on this as soon as possible.

WCOC09: Pre-congress workshops

The WCOC 2009 is opening in Interlaken with a full pre-congress day of workshops and face-to-face meetings.

DSC00008This morning we started with a (very short) session on social reporting. The idea of this blog (and the other web spaces created around it) is indeed to capture the conversations as they happen here and bring them to the wider public to follow and participate virtually. Some 7 people from Helvetas and other organisations involved in the conference were present – see their introductury posts below here. Together, we went through the basics of blogging, ‘blipping’ and ‘tweeting’, and they will update this spaces over the coming days with short entries on the discussions that are taking place in here. They are very enthusiastic and keen to explore this way of conference reporting; we very much look forward to hearing their stories!

At the moment, the face to face meeting of the organic cotton platform is taking place. This presents an unique DSC00015opportunity for the different people involved in the community to get to know each others, and discuss interesting ideas and potential collaboration that have been emerging in the online dialogue. A post on the outcomes of this meeting will follow later.

The programme of the day foresees also an introduction to the seminar on organic and sustainable textile for brands and retailers, and a session convened by Organic Exchange, to bring together its members for an update on the organisation and for discussing current issues.