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Sustainability and Fair Trade are the Future and saving the world!

Interlaken, 22 september 2009. Marina Spadafora, Designer from Italy, presented her new collection “Banuq”, which was entirely produced in Africa. Bringing work is the best you can do to make Africa become a successful economy, she says. Pesticides are destroying land and the health of many people, we should act in a responsible way and work with organic cotton. The organic textile market is growing fast. Sustainability is the future, it will save the world!

Holistic approach for supply chain of organic cotton

Interlaken, 22 september 2009, Sandeep Balekai from the consulting organisation “Conquest” is looking at the supply chain with a holistic approach. The triangle between production, environment and society must be looked at integrally. If for example you can avoid rejections, you can save energy and natural resources, and maybe then also the problem of the overtime of the workers is solved…
  • La certification bio pour d√©butants

    Vincent Duret d’Ecocert France explique les phases de la certification biologique.

    Tadjik organic cotton for sale (long staple)

    Interlaken, 22 september 09, Abdusattor Haydarov from Sugdagroserv Tadjikistan came to the Organic Cotton Congress to make contacts for selling the longstaple cotton from 1000 farmers in Tadjikistan.

    Some facts on cotton production worldwide

    In 2008 44 billion US$ were spent on pesticides used in agricultural production. US$ 3 billion were spent in cotton. On less than 3% of the arable land (=cotton production area)  worldwide 6.8% of the herbicides and 16% of the insecticides used were applied in cotton only.

    Production of genetically modified cotton has increased tremendously, covered in the season 2008/09 48% of all cotton production area, amounted to 54% of global cotton production and 52% of cotton trade.

    Organic Exchange predicts a 21% growth (estimation) in organic cotton production in 2009.